Corrie’s Kate: ‘Tracy’s affair is brilliant!’

Coronation Street‘s Kate Ford spills the beans to Soaplife about wind-up merchant Tracy’s latest little game, which involves getting jiggy with Ryan to make Michelle mad – and it works!

Tracy’s really upset about Steve and Michelle’s romance, isn’t she?

“Tracy is devastated. But she’s furious, too. She feels as though Steve has betrayed her. How could he have said he loved her one minute, married her, then started a new relationship with someone else?”

So she’s going to try to wreck their relationship/?

“For Tracy it’s like going back to how she felt about Becky. She’s not going to let Michelle’s life be easy.”

And when does she decide to use Ryan for revenge?

“When he starts flirting with her. He does it to wind up his mum and Tracy thinks, ‘Hold on, this is a really good idea…’ She decides to seduce him and he doesn’t put up a fight. In fact, he’s really pleased that he’s got this woman throwing herself at him.”

Does Tracy even fancy him?

“Oh yes, and I think he really fancies her. It’s a win-win situation for her.”

And then Michelle finds out…

“It’s her worst nightmare. Michelle loves her son; she’s spent a lot of time trying to get him off the drugs and on to the straight and narrow, then she finds him with Tracy! It’s brilliant!”

Will the affair carry on?

“Tracy’s enjoys the situation. She gets to sleep with this beautiful boy and wind up Steve and Michelle. She doesn’t have any immediate plans to change that. Every time she winds up Michelle it’s like a dream to Tracy. It’s just the best plan!”

Are you ever shocked by Tracy’s behaviour?

“Not any more, not after she smacked Charlie over the head with a statue!” 

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