Corrie’s Katherine on Becky’s Xmas sorrow

Coronation Street‘s Katherine Kelly explains to Soaplife how Becky’s love for Steve changes for ever when he asks Tracy to marry him…

In her heart of hearts Becky always believed she and Steve would get back together… Then he took Tracy’s word over Becky’s about her miscarriage and branded her a murderer. “Steve’s the love of her life but he’s changed everything by not believing her,” Katherine tells Soaplife. Still, that doesn’t stop her loving him and wanting to save him from the biggest mistake of his life: marrying Tracy!

How does Becky feel after Steve accused her of killing his unborn twins?

“It’s absolutely rocked her world. It’s hit Becky like a ton of bricks and made her question everything. She’s not surprised by Tracy’s deviousness but she’s surprised Steve believes Tracy over her.”

Does anyone else believe Becky pushed Tracy down the stairs and made her miscarry?

“For a split second everybody thinks she could have done it because of her temper, even Hayley. The fact that her nearest and dearest can actually believe that lying cow really hurts her.”

Then she finds out Steve has proposed to Tracy…

“And she’s devastated. She tells Steve he can’t marry Tracy. She knows he doesn’t love Tracy. He’s admitted to her he doesn’t. She says it’s nothing to do with her, but he’s about to make the biggest mistake of his life, which proves to me that deep down she still loves him.”

Why does Becky go to the police and tell them Tracy’s wrongly accused her of pushing her?

“Instead of the situation running away with her and Tracy being the conductor of it all, she decides she’s going to take charge and try to control things. It kills Becky to go to the police, she hates the police, but that just shows how desperate she is. Her back is against the wall and she will do anything for Steve.”

And what do the police say?

“I think they do take her seriously because they turn up at The Rovers to question Tracy. Becky’s sure that once the police investigate they’ll see that Tracy wasn’t pushed. She’s hoping the truth will out. She’s on a mission to prove her innocence and clear her name.”

So what happens?

“Tracy just pulls out her ace card of ‘Nothing will bring back my children’. So everyone just falls for that again and Steve gets caught up in all the emotion. Tracy’s brilliant at emotion and that works as a smokescreen to hide the facts.”

Soaplife knows Becky’s leaving and that there’s a fire at Becky’s flat. Is she trying to kill herself – and does she die?

“She’s not suicidal, just really drunk. But the fire’s raging and Becky’s passed out on the sofa so it doesn’t look good…”