Corrie’s Kev: ‘It’s a fatal attraction’

Coronation Street‘s Michael Le Vell reveals what he really thinks about Kevin’s affair with Molly…

What did you think when you were told of Kevin’s affair with Molly?

“I’m an actor and we all love being the centre of attention. I don’t see myself a sex symbol or anything, but I love having big storylines like this and it’s good to show another side to Kevin’s character.”

And the reaction has been good, hasn’t it?

“I’m thrilled that viewers seem to be enjoying it so much. In my mind, Kevin is having a mid-life crisis. I’m just waiting for the Harley Davison and the bike leathers to turn up!”

Kevin’s had a chequered past but many thought his roving days were over?

“I think lust took over. And I guess it’s that old saying that a leopard never changes its spots. That’s what the agony aunts on the problem pages say anyway. He wasn’t looking for this, it just came out of nowhere and he does still love Sally.”

Vicky Binns (who plays Molly) has said she has had a lot of negative reaction to her character from people in the street. What about you?

“It’s not been like that for me. There’s been a bit of back-slapping from a few of the lads for pulling a 20-year-old bird and poor Alan Halsall, who plays Molly’s husband Tyrone, has had a bit of stick.”

How do you see things developing with the story?

“Kevin tried to do the right thing, but the feelings are too strong now. It’s a fatal attraction. I would like to see Kevin stay with Sally as I enjoy him being part of a nuclear family, but as you know, you can’t keep secrets in Weatherfield and I dread to think what Sally will do if she ever finds out…”

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