Corrie’s Kym: ‘Michelle’s in fighting form!’

Coronation Street‘s Kym Lomas reveals to Soaplife how Michelle reacts when Steve dumps her, then persuades Ryan to propose to Tracy – and then sees Kevin attack her son!

What a mess! Michelle doesn’t know Steve dumped her hoping Tracy would lose interest Ryan. So how does she feel?

“Devastated. And it doesn’t work, anyway. Ryan proposes to Tracy!”

Yes, but Michelle doesn’t know that Steve persuaded Ryan to because he’s sure Tracy will say no…

“And Tracy looks horrified when Ryan goes down on one knee in the Rovers. She tells Ryan that she can’t marry him and then goes on to lie by telling him she has lost the baby she was carrying, when of course she was never pregnant in the first place. All hell lets loose…”

Then Steve admits to Michelle that this was his plan. How does she react?

“She’s really angry. Not only has Steve hurt Michelle but also he has talked her son into making a complete idiot of himself! Michelle tries to convince Ryan she had no idea about Steve’s plan but he’s in no mood to talk to her. He feels so humiliated and thinks his mum is lying to him. He storms off and refuses to take her calls. He believes his mum has betrayed him and his behaviour spirals out of control.”

Resulting in Sophie’s accident. How does Michelle hear about that?

“She’s in the pub with Steve when Kevin gets a phone call telling him Sophie has had an accident. Ken tells Steve and Michelle that he saw Ryan getting into a taxi with Sophie earlier. Michelle’s really worried.”

Then Ryan turns up…

“At first Michelle’s relieved that he’s OK. But just as Ryan is about to tearfully explain what happened to Sophie Kevin arrives and informs a stunned Michelle that Ryan ran off leaving Sophie on her own. Kevin can’t contain his fury and hits Ryan. Steve has to drag Kevin off him.”

How does Michelle feel when she finds out Ryan was on drugs again?

“Michelle is mortified. She thought it was a battle she had won but now has to start all over again.”

What about Steve?

“He begs her to take him back but at first she really doesn’t want anything to do with him. Michelle is not the most forgiving person so he has a lot of work to do to make amends. It’s grovelling time for Steve again!”

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