Coronation Street‘s Kym Marsh says Michelle and Ciaran just plan a flying visit… But a wedding and a baby – and family business – could change all that!

The idea is Michelle and Ciaran return to share their engagement news then head off for a beach wedding and a return to life on a cruise ship. But then Michelle gets caught up in Carla’s problems and next thing she wants a wedding in Weatherfield – and a baby? Word is Michelle will tell Ciaran: “My body clock’s ticking. I want more babies and I want them now.” Which could be the last straw for Ciaran. With the news that Keith Duffy will be gone again in weeks, will he jilt his bride-to-be – and will his bride-to-be be left holding his baby? “Michelle’s started to want to settle dow,n but she fears Ciaran still has wanderlust – and I fear this is a problem,” Kym tells Soaplife. And we fear it’s just the start of her problems!

So Michelle and Ciaran are planning just a short visit?
“They’re on shore leave and are back to tell everyone that they’re engaged and planning to get married in the Bahamas.”

How does it feel to be back?
“Well, they hadn’t expected to walk back into this situation with her sister-in-law Carla, so it immediately becomes more complicated. Carla’s a broken woman and Michelle doesn’t feel that she can just cut and run.”

In fact, we know she offers to take control of the factory for Carla. Why?
“Carla’s talking about dropping the rape charges against Frank and no way will Michelle entertain that idea. She thinks Carla needs to get away for a bit so she’ll feel stronger and more able to cope. Carla’s grateful and finally accepts it’s a good idea.”

So Michelle storms into Frank’s factory and confronts him!
“Yes. He’s furious and threatens to call the police if she doesn’t leave, but she’s having none of it. She uses some of her own money to entice the workers back and some of them agree so she’s able to complete a big order and get the business back on track. She’s really getting into her stride.”

But it affects Michelle and Ciaran’s wedding plans…
“They just decide to delay the wedding at first. Ciaran is OK about it as he knows how much it means to Michelle to be able to help Carla.”

But then Michelle’s parents start interfering with their wedding plans…
“They don’t understand why she won’t have the big wedding here and there’s no way they want her going off and getting married on a beach. That and the situation with the factory make her change her mind and speak to Ciaran about having the wedding in Weatherfield instead.”

And Ciaran’s not impressed. Could he call the whole thing off?
“He agrees to the change of venue because he can see that it will make Michelle happy. But it wasn’t what he wanted at all. As for the wedding, this is a soap – and when do soap weddings ever go to plan?”