Corrie’s lesbian couple hit back at complaints

Coronation Street twosome Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson have hit back at viewers who have complained about their characters’ lesbian relationship.

The actress was speaking out after viewers voiced their disapproval of a New Year storyline which saw characters Sophie Webster and Sian Powers sharing a passionate kiss before falling into bed together.

Sacha, who plays Sian in the soap, told the News Of The World, “It’s ridiculous, it shouldn’t even be an issue, it’s just a relationship.”

The pair also said they are unhappy to the reaction about their screen fling within the production itself.

They claimed that a director banned them from kissing while shooting a promotional clip for the 50th anniversary tram disaster show.

“But the director said Michelle Keegan and Craig Gazey could kiss because they’re a male – female couple,” Brooke explained.

The pair added that being friends offscreen helps them to film their passionate onscreen scenes – but that fans of the show often confuse them for a real couple.

“It’s kind of a compliment,” Sacha said, “because it means your acting is believable.”