Corrie’s Marc: ‘Move over Eva, I want your mum!’

Coronation Street‘s Marc Baylis shares a secret with Soaplife: it’s not really Eva he wants – it’s her mum, Stella! So Eva finds herself dumped – again!

Eva’s got something that Rob really likes – her mum! So it’s goodbye Eva and hello Stella – at least that’s what Rob’s hoping. “I definitely think the attraction between Rob and Stella is mutual,” says Marc. Heavens! Eva went mental when she lost Nick to her half-sister Leanne. God knows what she’ll do when she finds out she’s lost Rob to her own mother! “None of that bothers Rob!” adds Marc.

We can tell Rob’s not serious about Eva…

“Yeah. She’s kind of developed it into a relationship a lot quicker than Rob was thinking. He does find Eva very attractive and he’s happy to be out of prison and having someone to have a bit of fun with. But it’s not as if he’s only got eyes for her.”

No. He’s clearly got eyes for Eva’s mum, too!

“He’s had his eye on Stella since he arrived. She’s a very attractive woman.”

So what’s he doing with Eva?

“He’s just the sort of guy who’s waiting for any opportunity to arise. It just so happens he set his eyes on Eva first, was searching for a conquest and she obliged.”

And all the while he’s flirting with Stella…

“There’s chemistry between them. At one point he says, ‘Life’s too short, let’s just be a bit promiscuous’. That’s as far as it goes for now, but he can see a twinkle in Stella’s eye.”

How does Rob react when he finds out Eva’s scheming sabotaged a factory order and got Karl the sack?

“He really doesn’t like her interfering with his job and he doesn’t really want to get involved with someone at work. Also he wants to leave the door open for other women.”

Such as Stella… Does he think dumping Eva will do the trick?

“Yes, definitely. But Stella’s horrified when Eva goes to her for comfort. She instantly becomes very protective of her daughter, which kind of goes against Rob’s plan of action. He thought dumping Eva would leave the way clear for him with Stella. But I’m sure he’s got something else up his sleeve to pull it back his way…”

Do you think Rob and Stella would make a good couple?

“To be honest, I think they’d have a lot of fun. They’ve got similar tastes and they could have an absolute riot, so I don’t see why it shouldn’t happen.”

It shouldn’t happen because of Eva!

“Well, I think it’d have to be a very hush-hush affair. And that would add to the excitement…”

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