Corrie’s Michael reveals why Kev’s fists fly!

Coronation Street‘s Michael Le Vell talks to Soaplife about the tragic accident that puts Sophie in hospital – and reveals how Kevin reacts when he finds out it was Ryan who caused it!

Kevin’s stunned when he finds out about Sophie’s terrible accident. How does he hear?

“Kevin’s having a quick pint in the Rovers and his phone goes. He’s shocked to hear the hospital explain that Sophie has been involved in a serious accident and rushes off to be with her. She’s unconscious and he’s scared to see how bad it is. The hospital tell him Sophie was with a young man when she was hit by a car and ask him if he knows who it might have been, but he has no idea.”

Then he gets really bad news: Sophie may never walk again!

“Kevin’s absolutely devastated. The doctors tell him that Sophie has suffered a fracture to her spine and they will only know whether there’s any significant nerve damage once they operate. But the operation itself is risky because they’ll be working so close to Sophie’s spinal cord.”

Kevin must be terrified for Sophie?

“This news tears Kevin’s world apart. It’s his worst nightmare and the last thing any parent wants to hear about their child. Sophie knows nothing about her condition yet, as she’s till sedated.”

Then Sally arrives at the hospital…

“When Sally arrives they’re able to console and support each other. Thankfully they’re both there when Sophie starts to regain consciousness.”

Does Sophie tell them what happened?

“Under pressure she admits she was with Ryan and he was being stupid and playing in the road. But she doesn’t want to involve the police and she begs Kevin and Sally not reveal Ryan’s identity. Kevin is incredulous and wonders what type of friend would leave Sophie lying unconscious in the road.”

So Kevin confronts Ryan…

“He reacts in typical Kevin style and rushes straight round to have a Kevin-type conversation with Ryan. In other words, he lets his fists do the talking! I think venting his anger certainly helps Kevin. Violence is not the answer, but in this instance Kevin feels justified in lashing out. It certainly gives Ryan a lot to think about.”

Will this bring Sally and Kevin closer together?

“It might do! It’s the million dollar question that everyone asks me: are Kevin and Sally going to get back together?”

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