Corrie’s Michelle: ‘It could tip Stella over the edge’

Coronation Street star Michelle Collins reveals to Soaplife how Stella continues to be so blinded by love for Karl that she asks him to marry her!

Stella’s proposal is a bit of a shock next week… How does Karl react to it?
“He’s really relieved, he thinks he has finally got her and this is everything he wanted, this is what he did everything for! In a way he thinks this will be closure after what has happened and he can begin his life afresh.”

If you were Stella’s friend would you be happy she was marrying Karl?
“Bearing in mind no one knows he is a murderer, if I was her friend I’d probably say live and let live and do what is right for you. Love is a truly crazy mad thing.”

Are you looking forward to Stella discovering he is a killer?
“Yes! The affair was bad, but to find out somebody that you are madly in love with and you have finally forgiven them and got back with them, has done what he has done is going to be devastating for her. It could tip her over the edge and it will be great to see how she is going to come back from that.”


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