Corrie’s Michelle: ‘Terry leaves Tina in a coma!’

Coronation Street‘s Michelle Keegan reveals that Tommy’s love for Tina may not be enough to save her from his father, Terry the terrible!

Things turn sour when Tina finds out Terry and Tommy are in debt to Rick, the man she holds responsible for her dad’s death…

“Yes. The memories come flooding back to her about her dad and how her dad was in a really bad state when it came to Rick and the fact that her dad would have done anything to get Rick off his back.”

Tina stands up to Rick and he threatens her. How scared is she?

“Very. She knows it’s not just a threat, that he will go to any lengths to get someone back.”

How does Tommy react?

“He feels really guilty and he promises that he’ll be there to look after and protect her.”

But they still have to pay back debts. What’s the plan?

“Terry talks Tommy into burning down the club to get the insurance money because they can’t get the money any other way. Tina knows by doing something like that Tommy could go to prison and she doesn’t want Tommy to take that risk.”

Yet he still goes to the club!

“So Tina gives him an ultimatum: choose between her or his dad, and it works – he picks her.”

But he storms off – and Terry turns up. Bet he’s not happy when he realises Tina’s ruined his plan?

“They have a bit of a scuffle because she says she’s going to call the police. Terry pushes her over and she whacks her head on the floor.”

Is she seriously injured?

“Yes. She goes into a coma. At the hospital the doctors tells Tommy the next 24 hours will be crucial!”