Coronation Street‘s Michelle Keegan tells Soaplife how Tommy’s womanising has made Tina wary… So wary that she lets another woman get to him first!

We’ve been told it will be one of Corrie’s hottest romances ever but, boy, is it taking a long time to get going! And just when it looks like Tina and Tommy might finally admit they fancy the pants off each other, it all goes wrong. “Tina’s scared of jumping in with both feet again after what happened with Graeme,” Michelle tells Soaplife. Thing is, while she’s dithering, Tommy’s off jumping in – to bed – with a hot blonde!

So how does Tina react when Tommy finally tells her he wants to be more than just good friends?
“She’s been waiting for Tommy to say this after Stella tips her off that Tommy has feelings for her. She does feel the same way, but she’s scared of getting involved with a man again. She’s still hurt by what Graeme did to her and she’s wary of it happening again.”

So she turns him down?
“Tina doesn’t trust him 100 per cent because of his laddish ways. She hasn’t forgotten how he tried to get off with any woman when he first arrived on the Street. She’s also worried about spoiling their friendship and losing him from her life.”

And Tina tells Stella she rejected Tommy…
“But Stella convinces her Tommy is worth taking a chance on and Tina listens to her. She gets dressed up for Tommy. She looks quite girly and is hoping it will be the start of something between them. She’s ready to confess her feelings and give him a chance…”

But after her rejection Tommy has gone straight out and pulled!
“As Tina steps onto the street she sees him kissing another girl. He just proves her right. He immediately goes back to being a player and has a one-night stand with this girl, Jodie.”

Is Tina jealous, or just annoyed that he moved on so quickly?
“It’s a bit of both. She thinks if he really wanted to be with her then he wouldn’t behave like that. And she’s a bit hurt because she does have feelings for him. She’s also disappointed she didn’t get in there sooner and take Tommy up on his offer. She feels she may have left it too late… But on the other hand he didn’t hang around long, did he?”

And Jodie wants more than a one-night stand… Does Tina enjoy watching Tommy squirm?
“Yes, she is really loving it! She sees it as payback. She plays it like he could have had her, but went and had a one-night stand and this is what he gets for it.”

Will Tina eventually open her heart and tell Tommy how she feels?
“She might in the future, but for now Tommy’s blown his chances. They might make a great couple and could have fun together, but Tina has to be careful she doesn’t get hurt.”