Corrie’s Michelle: ‘Tina realises she’s doing wrong’

Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan has revealed Tina is shocked into thinking twice when Izzy tells her she won’t fight her for baby Joe any more.

Michelle’s character Tina was a surrogate mother for Izzy and boyfriend Gary Windass and baby Joe is biologically their child. But when Tina gave birth prematurely she refused to hand him over.

Michelle told the Coronation Street website: “Izzy decides to give up the fight and sacrifice her own happiness so that the baby won’t be pulled backwards and forwards.

“Tina doesn’t feel like she’s won, she’s hit by the realisation that she’s doing wrong.”

The barmaid had originally justified her decision to keep baby Joe by the fact that Izzy and Gary were divided and fighting all the time. But Izzy and Gary patch up their relationship problems and manage to become a strong family unit.

Michelle revealed: “Tina knows how vulnerable the baby is at this stage so she just feels incredibly motherly towards him.

“Technically the baby isn’t biologically hers, but because she’s carried him for so long and given birth to him she feels such an attachment. By law the baby is also hers too.

“She’s so attached to him and more than anything she’s blinded by her love for him, she thinks she’s doing the right thing for everyone.”

But Izzy’s new revelation, which she believes is the right thing for the baby, could change Tina’s mind.

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