Corrie’s Michelle: ‘Tina starts to get attached…’

Michelle Keegan reveals to Soaplife why Tina is having second thoughts about being a surrogate mum after she gives birth in Coronation Street this week – and why she’s starting to think that she wants to raise her newly-born baby boy herself!

It all started to go wrong in Tina’s head when Gary tried to kiss her. Now Izzy finds out, doesn’t she?
“Yes. Gary sneaks off to meet Tina to ask again that she doesn’t tell on him… and Izzy follows him and overhears Tina saying something about his ‘dirty little secret’. When Izzy confronts Gary over it, Tina’s had enough and she blurts out the truth.”

Not long after that Tina goes into premature labour – and she wants Tommy present at the birth instead of Izzy and Gary…
“She asks Tommy to go with her in the ambulance and from that point on he’s always there. At the last minute, Tina does let Izzy be there because she understands that Izzy is the baby’s biological mum and she wants her to bond with her child.”

Does Tina instantly feel attached to the baby?
“At the beginning it’s instinct that takes over. She was a part of the baby’s growth and birth like Izzy and Gary and she cares for him. But as the days go on, she does become more attached to him because she’s spending a lot of time alone with him in the hospital, which she never expected to. The baby is also sick and she has to express milk for him, which is again something she didn’t expect to do. It’s not just a case of handing him over straight away as planned.”

Does Tina regret agreeing to be the baby’s surrogate mother?
“She entered into the situation because she saw what a loving couple Gary and Izzy were. Now their relationship is on the rocks, she’s starting to question why she went along with it… especially as she gave up her own relationship with Tommy to have the child for them. Now Tina isn’t so sure and she’s starting to wonder…”

Wonder what?
“She wonders if they can still offer the baby a happy home… I don’t think she’d want him to go to an unhappy home.”


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