Corrie’s Michelle: ‘Tina talks Tommy into trouble’

Coronation Street‘s Michelle Keegan tells Soaplife that Tina is not going to let Tommy lie to her any more. But will the truth about his criminal behaviour make them stronger – or tear them apart?

After taking so long to get together, Tina and Tommy could be headed for one of the fastest break-ups in soap history after he puts her and Rita in danger by lying about his involvement with thug drug dealer Rick. “She feels totally betrayed he didn’t tell her about Rick,” says Michelle. “She thought they had a good relationship. Not only that, but they’re best friends who are meant to talk to each other about everything.” Instead, the time for talking could be all over…

How does Tina find out?

“Tyrone borrows one of Rick’s cars and Tommy has a real go at him when he brings it back. Tina thinks his reaction’s strange. He’s not acting like himself and he hasn’t got a proper explanation for it.”

Then she finds out he isn’t working late when he says he is…

“And she follows him in Rita’s car. She suspects that something’s wrong and she wants to know what it is. He meets Rick and it’s Tina’s worst nightmare.”

Does it help when Tommy explains Terry left him with the debt to Rick and he’s being forced to settle it?

“She feels confused and betrayed he didn’t tell her about this. She tells Tommy he has to call and tell Rick the deal’s off or she can’t trust him any more. Her dad died because of Rick and she doesn’t want Tommy going down the same path.”

Tommy does what she demands, but it backfires. How?

“Rick turns up and sets his heavies on Tommy. Tina’s forced to watch them beat him up and it’s very traumatic. She feels it is her fault.”

But there’s worse to come on the day of Rita’s wedding, isn’t there?

“Rick tells Tommy he has to do one more job to clear the debt. Tommy believes it will be the last one then they can get back to normal, but Tina doesn’t want him to do it. She knows if he gets caught he’ll be sent down for a long time and she’ll lose him.”

Will Tina and Tommy’s relationship survive?

“I hope so because I think they make a great couple. But they’ve been through a lot at such an early stage in their relationship… She might feel the trust has gone.”