Corrie’s Michelle: ‘Tina wants Tommy to come back’

Coronation Street‘s Michelle Keegan reveals to Soaplife the heartbreaking fall-out that follows when news gets out that Tina’s pregnant…

Tina’s sad when Tommy lets her go to the baby’s scan alone…

“She always wanted Tommy to be at her side and the fact that he isn’t just sums up that she is alone in this. It’s her decision and she has to live with it.”

But then Tommy turns up at the hospital!

“And Tina’s relieved. But when Tommy looks at the scan he wishes the baby was theirs.”

Then, back on the Street, Tina collapses!

“Tina faints and Tommy is obviously in a panic. They call Dr Matt – Tina’s ex, not awkward at all! – and find out Tina is anaemic, something a lot of pregnant women suffer with. But Tommy is concerned. He doesn’t want Tina to be pregnant any more because it’s affecting her health.”

How does Tina react when Dr Matt congratulates her and Tommy on the baby?

“Tina just turns round and says, ‘I might as well tell you it’s not our baby. It’s Gary and Izzy’s and I’m their surrogate’. He obviously doesn’t know what to say! Tina does ask him not to say anything to anyone as she doesn’t want it to go any further.”

But Norris hears…

“And as soon as Norris knows, everyone knows, which Tina’s not happy about. And Tommy is mortified because people keep congratulating him, assuming he’s the dad.”

Then David tells Tommy that Tina had an abortion while they were together…

“That was years ago. Tina was a lot younger and wasn’t ready to be a mum. Tina has never contemplated aborting this baby. But now Tommy thinks it’s an option – and it definitely isn’t.”

So Tommy packs his bags and leaves?

“Yes and Tina’s very hurt. She loves Tommy and wants him to come back to her.”