Coronation Street‘s Mikey North reveals to Soaplife how devastated Gary is when he and Izzy lose their baby – and their hopes and dreams…

Gary reckoned kids were just a lot of hard work until Izzy suddenly announced she was expecting his baby. Then he was all excited about being a dad, but tragedy strikes and Izzy has a miscarriage. “It’s very hard for them both,” says Mikey. And he’s about to find out that might not be the worst of it…

Gary and Izzy are happy about the baby, but the pregnancy brings out the worst in Gary again, doesn’t it?
“He loves Izzy and just wants to look after her but, yes, his over-protective streak kicks in again. Gary worries Izzy’s working too hard and may make herself sick or endanger the baby. It all goes back to his post-traumatic stress disorder and taking Izzy hostage in a bid to keep her safe from harm. Gary just thinks he’s looking after Izzy and doesn’t realise how overbearing he can be.”

New boss Rob has the girls working extra hours at the factory. How does this go down with Gary?
“Not very well at all. He tries to talk to Rob, but he doesn’t listen. Gary storms into the factory all guns blazing and Izzy tries to intervene – and collapses in pain.”

How does Gary feel when Izzy is rushed to hospital?
“Really guilty. All he was trying to do was protect Izzy. Now he’s scared he may be responsible for them losing the baby.”

And tragically the worst does happen…
“They find out Izzy’s lost the baby soon after she arrives at the hospital. Gary feels he is to blame as he explains to Owen what’s happened. But Izzy says she hadn’t felt right all day and had been hiding it from everybody so they wouldn’t worry.”

How do they cope with their grief?
“Gary puts on a brave face and tries to support Izzy as she worries she may never be able to carry a baby to full-term.”

In fact, she decides she’ll never try for another baby. What’s Gary’s reaction?
“He’s devastated they may never have a child of their own as he loves Izzy so much and feels that they would make great parents.”

Izzy tells Gary he should be with someone who can give him the family he wants. Is he tempted?
“It’s a really touching scene. Izzy says she would understand if he wanted to leave her and find somebody else, but he tells her he can’t see a family without her in it. It’s sweet and really shows how much she means to him.”