Corrie’s Mikey: ‘Gary thinks he’s in a war zone’

Coronation Street star Mikey North reveals to Soaplife how Gary’s obsession with keeping Izzy safe gets way out of hand.

Gary’s determined to keep Izzy safe after her mugging. But holding her prisoner in their flat is not the way to do it! “He thinks he’s doing a good thing, always looking after her and being with her and that it will make her happy,” says Mikey. But it doesn’t – it makes her terrified!

Why has Gary gone so pyscho?

“He doesn’t like the idea of Izzy being with anyone else. He hides her wheelchair when it’s back from the repair shop so that she has to stay in the flat and he knows where she is.”

Bet Izzy doesn’t like that when she finds out!

“At the time she’s really scared of him because he’s got her in the flat alone and his mood isn’t one she recognises. She tries to play it down, but she knows something’s very wrong.”

Then it becomes clear that Gary’s weird behaviour is down to his post-traumatic stress, doesn’t it?

“He starts saying they’re in a war zone and tells Izzy he’s trying to protect her and won’t let her down like his mate Quinny. Obviously this has gone way beyond anything that is normal and he needs to get help.”

We know that Izzy does escape, though…

“Her sister Katy comes round and Gary lies and says Izzy’s not in. That sets alarm bells ringing with Katy and finally her dad Owen turns up. Izzy hears him and cries for help and he barges in.”

Is Gary frightened of Owen?

“Actually, Owen isn’t too aggressive. He recognises that Gary needs help.”

And Gary goes to a doctor…

“Yes, he tells Gary he needs to speak to a counsellor and get professional help. Gary agrees he needs help and that’s the next step.”

Has he completely blown it with Izzy?

“Izzy calls round and gives him a ray of hope, but she still wants them to have a break. He begs for forgiveness, but she’s really shaken up and wants time apart.”

What reaction have you had to Gary’s post-traumatic stress?

“The reaction has been wonderful. I’ve had lots of good feedback from soldiers and people high up in the Army who have thanked me for raising awareness of this issue.”

What’s in the future for Gary?

“Well, who knows? It keeps seeming Gary has sorted himself but I’m sure there will be more ups and downs, which is great for me as an actor.”