Corrie’s Mikey: ‘Tina tells Gary to kiss off!’ (PHOTOS)

Mikey North reveals to Soaplife how Gary makes a big mistake when he tries to kiss Tina, the woman carrying his baby in Coronation Street. Will Izzy find out? Oh, yes!

What on earth makes Gary come on to Tina?
“His Army mates see pictures of Tina and wind him up by saying that he fancies her… And he does – but hasn’t said it out loud. He doesn’t like it when his mates comment on her being pretty, which also tells him something about his own feelings… he’s jealous. On his way home, he sees Tina and Tommy arguing, goes up to Tina’s flat and makes his move.”

But Tina knocks him back…
“She goes mad. She kicks off big style. I think she could see it coming because he was acting very strange and saying weird things to her, which made her feel uncomfortable.”

Does Gary wish he was having this baby with Tina?
“He has no idea where his head’s at because there’s so much going on. Tina’s carrying his baby and he’s been looking after her and has become quite protective of her. But once he’s tried to kiss her I think he suddenly realises he does want to be with Izzy and he wants a family with her.”

Good job, too, as Tina tells him to stay away from her. Can he do that?
“Yes, he knows he has no choice but to keep his distance from her so that she doesn’t tell anyone. But she does tell Tommy… And Tommy’s only keeping quiet for Tina’s sake.”

Izzy’s already jealous of the relationship between Gary and Tina…
“Gary starts to make more of an effort with Izzy to make himself feel better. But it’s only a matter of time before she finds out what happened…”

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