Corrie’s Natalie: ‘Kirsty is verging on evil!’

Coronation Street‘s Natalie Gumede reveals to Soaplife how cunning Kirsty turns the tables on Tyrone so that people think he is hitting her! And then she leaves him!

Tyrone unwittingly makes Kirsty even more unstable when he suggests she gets help to control her violent behaviour…

“Yes. She knows she has to do something because she wants to save her relationship with Tyrone. But she has reached the point where, while she knows her violence is wrong, she is finding ways to justify it. So the idea of actually talking to somebody about it is terrifying her because that means she has to admit she is the problem.”

And so she doesn’t keep her appointment, right?

“She gets as far as the surgery and checks in with Deirdre, but she loses her nerve. She tells Tyrone she saw the doctor, but he finds out she’s lying when Deirdre asks Tyrone if Kirsty is OK because she didn’t keep her appointment. Tyrone confronts Kirsty and they have a very tense argument.”

Does she turn violent again?

“The argument takes place in the back yard, but when Tyrone decides he’s not getting any sense out of Kirsty he heads back into the house to leave for work. Kirsty throws herself at him, but she loses her balance and ends up smacking her head on a concrete plant pot.”

Just as Deirdre’s passing…

“Yes. The back gate’s open and she sees Kirsty on the floor. Kirsty realises she can make this look like Tyrone’s the violent one and stop the truth coming out. If that means that Tyrone is the bad guy then so be it.”

Nasty! She’s very manipulative…

“Oh, yes. Kirsty tells Tyrone she wouldn’t have to do these things if he didn’t make her.”

Then she walks out on him! What’s that about?

“I think that when Kirsty does have moments of clarity, she realises she’s making Tyrone very unhappy. She can see the manipulation and that she is destroying the person that she loves and she doesn’t like that about herself. She knows she needs to get away for a while.”

So is Kirsty evil or damaged?

“Damaged. She’s verging on evil now, but it’s because she is damaged.”

How would she feel if she knew Tyrone had told Tina the truth?

“She’d be devastated – and furious. Raging, in fact!”