Corrie’s Natalie on Kirsty’s violent birthday

Coronation Street‘s Natalie Gumede reveals to Soaplife just why Kirsty explodes with violence and attacks Tyrone… again!

It’s Kirsty’s birthday that turns out to be very unhappy for Tyrone. How?

“Well, she didn’t want a fuss and he has invited her parents. It’s a real spine-chilling moment. She’s done everything she can to keep them out of her life, especially her father.”


“Following the party it will become clear why Kirsty behaves the way she does. Her relationship with her dad is extremely abusive and she did her best to get away as soon as she was legally old enough. We’ll get to see what really makes Kirsty tick.”

And what makes her violent…

“Yes. Everyone is quickly shooed out of the party once Tyrone realises what a mistake he’s made and then he and Kirsty have a heated discussion, or at least it starts off that way. He can’t understand why Kirsty’s never told her parents about the pregnancy, or about their relationship, and is demanding an explanation. Kirsty’s already feeling vulnerable emotionally and she snaps again.”

And hits Tyrone! Last time he forgave her. What happens this time?

“Tyrone runs out of the house and the next day Kirsty has decided to leave. She hates herself for what she’s done and feels it’s for the best. This part of Kirsty is very different from the side viewers saw with Tina. That side was devious, but the violence against Tyrone is anything but that… it’s all in the moment. Her behaviour is a lot like her father’s, going through the cycle of apologising and then doing it again, and she really hates the fact that she acts like him.”

How is the public reacting to this storyline?

“They’re intrigued; they want to know how it will be played out. Everyone feels so sorry for Tyrone as he’s always so unlucky and hapless. What makes it even more interesting is that it’s a young couple. It shows a really different perspective on domestic violence. Everyone can relate to power struggles within a relationship, but to go this far is not something you can really understand. It’s so awful to abuse someone you are supposed to love and who trusts you. It’s really important to bring it to light.”