Corrie’s Natalie struggles to watch her violence

Coronation Street’s Natalie Gumede has hinted that things could soon get worse for Tyrone Dobbs.

The 28-year-old actress, who plays abusive ex-policewoman Kirsty Soames in the ITV soap, admitted that her character’s temper towards fiance Tyrone (Alan Halsall) has risen to ‘dangerous’ levels.

“The level of violence with Kirsty has escalated to a really dangerous point now. Her sense of reality is starting to become quite warped, I think,” she told Coronation Street’s official website.

“I think the story is really taking quite a dark turn. It’s been very uncomfortable to film – worthwhile, I think we’re telling a great story – but it’s becoming quite harrowing to be a part of.”

Tyrone will reportedly plot to win custody of their baby Ruby from Kirsty by setting a date for their wedding, after she left his name off Ruby’s birth certificate. He then plans to flee from his new wife with Ruby.

But Natalie said Tyrone’s plan could backfire on him: “The next part of the story will be, ‘Will they make it down the aisle?’ If Kirsty finds out what’s going on behind her back, there could be even bigger consequences than there already have been.

“So who knows what’s going to happen to Tyrone?” she added.

Natalie also said that she finds it tough to watch Kirsty’s constant violent ways towards Tyrone. Tonight’s episode sees her beating him up after he tells her off for confiscating his mobile phone and keys.

“It’s extremely brutal and it was really difficult to film, but hopefully it will look realistic. I would watch from behind a cushion or a sofa or something, or through fingers!” she said.