Coronation Street newcomer John Michie has revealed that his character Karl Monro will be spending a lot of time propping up the bar at the Rovers.

His character is the boyfriend of new arrival Stella Price, played by former EastEnders actress Michelle Collins, but he said that Karl would soon be distracted by the amount of drinking and flirting in the pub.

“Karl is a bit of a ne’er do well,” John said.

“He could have had a career as a footballer but he’s too lazy. He doesn’t train enough, isn’t dedicated enough and is too keen on having a pint. It’s just generally wine, women and song get in his way.”

However he added that despite his flirtatious ways Karl is still dedicated to Stella, who has recovered from cancer.

“He’s a terrible flirt Karl, which will be interesting for me to play because I am not!” John admitted.

“He’s quite a canny player is Karl but he has a lot of faults and he will find it very hard, I know, to be faithful to Stella.

“Stella provides a really nice life for him but he has actually fallen for her. So he is trying very hard to be a responsible and mature man.”