Coronation Street‘s Nigel Pivaro tells Soaplife about how Terry spells trouble for Tommy and Tina when he gets a whiff of Tommy’s money and suddenly wants to be Father of the Year…

Terry’s back to open a lap-dancing club and doesn’t know Tommy, the son he sold as a baby, is living in the Street. Will it bother him?
“He doesn’t have any regrets about what he did. He justifies it by thinking that Tommy was always going to be better off with middle-class parents than with him or Jack and Vera.”

Why is he fighting with Tommy when he finds out who he is?
“They start fighting because Terry hires a tow truck to move Tommy’s clapped out camper van. Tyrone sees them and realises who Tommy is fighting with. Terry’s extremely shocked to learn that Tommy’s his son.”

Terry doesn’t want to know Tommy – until he finds out Tommy has inherited money.
“It’s like opportunity knocks! It’s not a fortune but it’s just the kind of money Terry needs to get his business off the ground.”

How does he get Tommy onside?
“Terry lays on his wide-boy charm for Tommy. And Tommy’s naturally curious about his father.”

Terry was always bad news for Jack and Vera. Is he going to be bad news for Tommy?
“Terry’s a survivor who always thinks about himself first. He’ll do whatever he has to do to get what he wants. If Tommy gets in the way of what he wants to do, well…”

How long is Terry back for?
“A couple of months, but there are massive implications once Terry has gone.”