Coronation Street star Nigel Pivaro has said he has not given up hope that his character Terry Duckworth may turn over a new leaf.

The 52-year-old actor is due to return to Weatherfield this week as Terry, and is set to cause trouble for his son Tommy (Chris Fountain) whom he gave away as a baby.

Howver Nigel admitted he would like to see a different side to him.

“I always hope that at some point there is a turn in Terry but there would have to be a logic to it,” he said. “Terry doesn’t go through life wanting to be bad, he just has to be bad because of circumstance, but circumstances can change.

“Whatever happens to Terry, I want to be there when it does because I’ve put so much into him.”

The actor – who has recently been working as a journalist and documentary presenter – admitted that it was odd being back in the street without Bill Tarmey and Liz Dawn, who played his parents Jack and Vera, and whose characters have both died since he left.

“I’m already missing three or four stalwarts that were here the last time I was on set,” he said.

“I still see Bill. I actually went to his 50th wedding anniversary the other day but it’s strange without him here. I keep expecting him to rear up behind me and tap me on the shoulder, script in hand.”