Corrie’s Owen ‘never meant to be a villain’

Coronation Street actor Ian Puleston-Davies has said he never wanted his screen alter ego Owen Armstrong to be a straightforward bad guy.

The actor, who joined the soap in 2010, admitted that while the builder may be a control freak and a womaniser, he always hoped that he might become a more rounded character.

“I was a little nervous in the beginning when all I seemed to be doing was pointing fingers and telling my children off,” he said.

“Apart from the fear of being stuck in a corner and being the Corrie baddie, which I certainly didn’t want to be from the outset, I was really holding my breath that they’d soften the endings and show there were more layers to him.

“I knew they weren’t going to go down the axe murder route because they said that from the off, but I did think he was a little too angry for too long, and I’m glad over the last 18 months they have added layers to Owen.”

Ian added that he did not think Owen was in the same league as other notorious Weatherfield villains such as Jez Quigley or serial killer Richard Hillman.

He described the character as “complicated” and while he had issues to deal with he was not “out and out bad”.

“He’s obviously very bitter and unforgiving about his wife having left him to look after his kids,” Ian added. “There’s a lot of anger there, which hopefully Anna will coax out of him and sort out over the coming months.”

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