Corrie’s Paula: ‘Kate’s like a big sister to me’

Coronation Street’s Paula Lane has been getting helpful hints from ‘big sister’ Katherine Kelly on how to deal with the fame game.

Paula stars as tearaway Kylie Turner, the half-sister of Katherine’s character Becky McDonald in Coronation Street.

The actress said Katherine has taken her under her wing since she joined in 2009.

She said: “I’ve spent a lot of time with Katherine and she’s very good at advising on little things, like how to deal with the fame and pressure, and how to study the writing.

“I’ve got loads of advice from her that I’ve taken wholeheartedly.”

Asked what advice Katherine gives on dealing with fame, Paula said: “Just keep a lot of things to yourself. If it’s nothing to do with work you don’t always have to reveal it. Just be wary and keep your head on your shoulders and don’t stumble out of a club trollied.

“She’s fab and she’s been on similar journey to me. She’s done the whole drama school thing, we’re both Yorkshire girls and I do feel we have a bit of connection there. It’s lovely. It’s like having a big sister on set.”

Paula, who has been nominated for a National Television Award, added that she can see the physical resemblance between herself and Katherine.

“At first I thought people were just saying that, but actually around the mouth [we are quite similar], and the little things we do. My mum said it’s really clear and people say they can imagine us as kids together.”

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