Coronation Street‘s Paula Lane reveals to Soaplife how Kylie gets Max back – then loses him!

Little Max has been passed from pillar to post because Kylie wasn’t up to being a proper mum to him. Now she’s got another chance will she break his little heart all over again? “Kylie has to start again with Max and get things right this time,” says Paula. “I don’t think Max knows who to trust any more and Kylie’s nervous about having the responsibility of a child again. But she’s also elated… Deep down a family unit is all she’s ever wanted.”

So why does Kylie leave David to look after Max on his first day home?
“It’s purely innocent. She has to see a client for her new mobile nail service and the booking just happens to coincide with Max’s return. There’s nothing untoward in Kylie’s actions.”

But Max goes missing. How does Kylie react?
“She’s shocked. She thought David would be looking out for Max. But she thinks she knows where he is. She thinks Becky’s taken him. She knows there’s a massive bond between Max and Becky and believes Becky still wants to be Max’s mum.”

But Becky doesn’t have Max…
“No. Kylie soon realises that and panic sets in and everyone starts hunting for him.”

Who finds him?
“Becky. He’d gone to find her at the pub. Kylie’s hurt that Max had gone to find Becky, but she’s also shocked by how much she’s messed with her little boy’s head. He needs a lot of loving and reassurance.”

Is Kylie jealous of the way Max feels about Becky?
“Kylie feels second best to her sister. Becky gives the right kind of hugs and the right kind of kisses. She feels she can never match up to Becky in Max’s eyes.”

Can she be a good mum this time round?
“She’s trying to accept as much help as is possible and Becky’s actually encouraging her, telling her that she will get things right this time. Kylie knows she must do better and do everything she can to make Max feel secure.”