Coronation Street‘s Paula Lane reveals to Soaplife why Kylie reverts to her bad old ways and leaves David – and it’s not just because David has lost the salon…

Why was Kylie so desperate for David to keep the salon?
“I think she feels that morally it’s unfair for Audrey to demand it back when it was given to David as a gift that would be handed down in time. Also she sees it as her future survival, her and Max’s livelihood and without that they haven’t got any stability.”

So it’s not good news for Kylie when Audrey gets an injuction based on her claims that David tricked her into signing over the salon?
“No. It becomes war. Kylie urges David to continue with their plans to revamp the salon and a row breaks out – then Audrey suddenly collapses. She’s had a heart attack.”

David blames himself for his nan’s condition. Does Kylie feel the same?
“She feels that Audrey’s brought much of the stress on herself. When Audrey comes round David apologises for everything. Kylie hopes she’s all right, but she’s not prepared to accept any of the blame.”

Does Audrey accept David’s apology?
“No and he takes that quite hard. Kylie doesn’t really understand his reaction and that’s when it builds until David says it’s all Kylie‘s fault because she was the one who pushed him to keep fighting for the salon.”

How does that make Kylie feel?
“She’s devastated because from the off they’ve always been a team and for him to turn on her like that is a bit of a shock. She feels really alone and a bit used and that’s when she takes drastic measures.”
We’ve heard that she goes back to her old ways…
“She goes on a bender. It’s because she’s so hurt. On the one hand it’s to block everything out, but on the other hand she doesn’t feel like she has anybody left in her corner. Becky’s gone so she hasn’t got that family tie on the street and now David’s turned against her it feels like it’s her against the Platts. She knows the family would much rather blame her than David because blood’s thicker than water.”
How does Nick get involved?
“Kylie’s totally out of control in the Bistro and Nick calls David and a big fight erupts. It’s a big shock to David’s system. This isn’t the woman he married, but Kylie just feels really low at this point.”

So low that she moves out – and takes Max with her. Does she think that’s fair to Max?
“She can hardly think straight for herself at that point, never mind thinking for her six-year-old son. Max just has to follow suit and that’s the very destructive way in which she behaves as a mother. She doesn’t think about what he’s witnessing.”

Is this the end of Kylie and David’s marriage then?
“I think there’s going to have to be quite a deep apology from David to win Kylie back. She’s very hurt. Their first year of marriage had gone so well – they got Max back and they achieved a lot together. She didn’t marry him for the salon, she married him because she loves him. She feels David shouldn’t have picked his mum and his gran over her. Now she needs to know that she’s his top priority and that she’s not going to be second-best to his family.”