Coronation Street‘s Paula Lane reveals to Soaplife how Kylie’s determination to help Becky prove Tracy’s lying becomes a family affair that involves Gail, too!

It’s great to see Kylie on Becky’s side…
“Kylie knows that both she and Becky are fiery and have a bad temper, but she knows how much Becky loves children and knows she wouldn’t deliberately harm a pregnant woman, even Tracy.”

So Kylie comes up with the idea of proving that Tracy’s lying?
“Yes. But it’s Becky’s idea to break into the medical centre to get the records.”

And Kylie goes along with that?
“Not exactly. With Roy’s help she stops Becky breaking in to the medical centre, which really shows how mature Kylie has become. Instead, she comes up with a plan to get Gail to help. The idea is Gail will give Becky details of how to get into the computer records. Then Kylie pretends to have a panic attack to distract staff at the medical centre while Becky slips into the office to get the records.”

How does Kylie feel about Becky’s new man, Danny?
“Kylie would love to see Becky happy again. It is a fresh start for the pair of them; there is no rivalry any more. They both look like being able to start a new chapter – and Danny has a son Max’s age.”

How sad will Kylie be to see Becky leave the street?
“Kylie will be bereft. She’s thrilled for Becky, but it brings back the memories about when Becky left her last time. They have made amends and she is going to miss her a lot.”