Actress Paula Lane reveals to Soaplife why Kylie is rushed to hospital in Coronation Street and how Gail discovers Kylie’s baby secret: that Nick could be the father, not David!

Kylie’s struggle with her baby secret comes to a climax when Gail finds out the truth after an accident lands Kylie in hospital and in danger of losing that baby… Will Gail tell David the baby might be Nick’s and blow the family apart? Will the baby survive? And could Kylie throw herself on David’s mercy and confess? “Uttering those words to David would just be too awful for her,” Paula tells Soaplife. “And she knows David would not forgive her.”

So, first, Gail finds out that Kylie cheated on David. How?
“Gail finds the piece of paper on which Kylie wrote Gail’s bank details for Lewis and she recognises Kylie’s handwriting. Kylie does everything to keep her secret but Gail threatens to go to the police. Kylie begs Gail to let her explain for David’s sake. Then she has no option but to admit that she slept with someone else. Gail’s horrified. She can’t believe Kylie’s done this to her son.”

Does Kylie think Gail will tell David?
“She thinks that as soon as David comes back from the course he’s away on, that will be it for them and she has a meltdown. She kind of reverts to the old Kylie… She loses it with a customer at the Bistro then tells Nick to stick his job. And then she goes to The Rovers and gets very drunk.”

Not a smart move for a pregnant woman…
“It’s like Kylie’s deleted everything good from her memory. She pretends she’s not pregnant and gets drunk because the consequences don’t matter. She’s acting crazy and climbs up on a table and, when Stella tries to grab her, Kylie stumbles and bangs her side badly on a stool, falls onto the floor and is rushed unconscious to hospital.”

And when she comes round she finds David at her bedside, frantic with worry…
“Kylie’s devastated and ashamed. David feels guilty about leaving her in the early stages of her pregnancy and puts the blame on himself.”

Kylie needs emergency surgery for a ruptured spleen… Is she scared she might lose the baby?
“She’s really scared. She’s had this niggling pain since she woke up in the hospital and she’s really worried. She hasn’t had a scan yet and doesn’t know if the baby is OK.”

So how does Gail find out that Nick could be the baby’s father?
“It all gets very tense and it’s too much for Nick. He breaks and tells Gail that Kylie slept with him. She’s shocked. Nick’s always been her blue-eyed boy but she tells him he can no longer call her ‘Mum’.”