Corrie’s Paula Lane: ‘I don’t want to be the evil one on the Street!’ (VIDEO)

Coronation Street’s Paula Lane (Kylie Platt) says she doesn’t want to be the Street’s No 1 villain, even though she’s heading that way.

Paula told What’s on TV what to expect over Christmas: “There’s about three solid weeks of pure drama. So there’s tears, tantrums, drinking binges, you’ve got the Nativity, you’ve got the marriage crisis that’s going on with Kylie and David at the minute. I am the villain of the Street, so the audience is not a big fan.”

But she’s not happy about Kylie’s trajectory. “I do miss my family on the Street. I don’t want to be the evil one on the Street!”

She’s hopeful that Kylie’s downward spiral won’t last for ever. “I’m looking forward to brand new scripts in the New Year and what 2014 can bring the Platts..”

Watch the interview with Coronation Street‘s Paula Lane:


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