Corrie’s Paula Lane: ‘If we film my exit the way I picture it, I’ll be very happy!’

After keeping her head for so long, it looks like Corrie’s Kylie is going to lose it now that Callum’s body has been found. Paula Lane tells all to Soaplife…

Is Kylie going to confess?
“She’s very scared and extremely tempted to hand herself in and confess because she’s beginning to crack up – especially when it looks like the police are going to charge David [Jack P Shepherd] for the murder (pictured above).”

But David craftily points the finger of suspicion at Jason…
“Although Kylie doesn’t want to see an innocent man charged with murder, she knows it’s the only option. She knows full well what David’s capable of so it doesn’t surprise her.”

Would Kylie really let an innocent person go to prison?
“Jason [Ryan Thomas] is just under suspicion at the moment, but if it came to the point where he – or anyone else – was actually charged, that could tip Kylie over the edge to come clean.”

How did you feel about filming the discovery of Callum’s body?
“I was excited because they were exciting scenes, the culmination of some big storylines. I was more than ready to face it!”

You’re leaving Corrie soon, Paula. Do you know what Kylie’s exit story involves?
“Yes. I’ve read the scripts. I was supposed to be resting, but they were there in front of me so I went full throttle and I read them all in one go. I’m very pleased with it. If we film it the way I picture it I’ll be very happy.”

What are you most looking forward to doing after you leave?
“I’m going to have some time out mentally. I’ll just gather myself, have my second child. I’m mindful that Corrie’s been a huge part of my life for a few years now so I want time to get back to being Paula and then go from there.”

Coronation Street, ITV


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