Callum Logan’s killer Kylie Platt is on the verge of cracking, reveals actress Paula Lane to Soaplife…

What’s stopped Kylie from completely unravelling so far?

“Her kids, mainly. She’s also helped by Sarah being away… not having to worry about her blabbing has made a bit of a difference.”

How does she feel about Gail’s plan to throw a party in her new granny pad?

“Kylie’s horrified at the thought of everyone actually dancing on Callum’s grave and she’s convinced she can smell something horrible under the floor. I think it’s just in her head, but she starts liberally spraying around air freshener.”

Gail hears Kylie and David bickering… what’s it about?

“It’s along the lines of David saying, ‘You’d be in prison if it wasn’t for me.’ When Gail wants to know why he’s said that, David goes into a tailspin and tries to cover by saying that Kylie’s back on drugs.”

It’s quick thinking, but it’s a horrible lie…

“Yeah. It’s a real kick in the stomach for Kylie. Another thing for her to add to the list of lies and worries. It couldn’t get any worse and her self-esteem’s really low.”  

How does Kylie feel about David saying such a thing?

“She understands he had to think on his feet to protect them all, but she doesn’t feel he’s supporting her emotionally. Kylie hasn’t been allowed to grieve for what she’s done. She’s a murderer now and she feels tarnished, but there’s no one she can confide in.”

How far do you think the Platts will go to keep their secret?

“Oh quite far. Kylie’s finding it all incredibly tough and there are times when she feels she can’t cope. But I think she can keep it together for the sake of her children. It doesn’t help that she and David keep arguing, though. They need to be united.”

Are you worried that Kylie will eventually get her comeuppance for killing Callum?

“I wouldn’t say I’m worried, I’m more intrigued about how the heck they’re going to get me out of this – if they can!”