Corrie’s Paula reveals co-stars’ kissing techniques

Coronation Street’s Paula Lane has revealed Jack P Shepherd and Ben Price have very different kissing styles.

The actress plays Kylie Platt, who is married to David (Jack), but had a drunken one-night stand with his half-brother Nick Tilsley (Ben) and doesn’t know who is the father of her baby.

Paula told The Sun: “They’re very different kissers. Ben was fast and furious, but Jack likes to make a big fuss of it.”

The 27-year-old actress admitted she finds filming love scenes nerve-wracking.

She said of filming Kylie’s one-night stand with Nick: “My heart that day was beating so fast I thought you could see it out my top. I was so nervous.

“Even now with Jack doing intimate moments, he isn’t my partner and it’s weird.”

But when they aren’t filming awkward love scenes on Coronation Street, Paula revealed she and Jack and Ben get on really well off screen.

She said: “Ben and Jack are like naughty brothers. We are like a real family and we do everything together.

“Jane Danson (Leanne) is like a big sister to me too at the moment as we’ve had a lot of scenes together. And Helen (Worth, who plays Gail) is like the mum. They wind me up. Jack will say to me, ‘Well, they’ve told me David is getting back with Tina’, just to see the reaction on my face. I never know if they mean it!”


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