Corrie’s Paula reveals Kylie and David’s ‘bliss’

Coronation Street‘s Paula Lane tells Soaplife Gail bribes Kylie to break David’s heart, but has she paid her enough?

What are Kylie’s real feelings for David?

“She loves him, although everything is young, fun and frolics at the minute. They are developing a really lovely relationship.”

Is she marrying him for love or because he’s inheriting the salon and will he able to ‘keep’ her?

“There was an instant attraction to David, but the fact that he owned a salon was an added bonus for Kylie. She thought this could be a big thing for her in the future.”

Could Max be part of the reason Kylie wants to marry David?

“No, she is not back for Max. Kylie is very keen to brush over it because it was a sore point, but she is happy that he is content with Steve and Becky.”

Might she even want to take Max back from Steve and Becky if she marries David?

“Kylie is still a teenager. She can’t handle the responsibilities of being a mum.”

Gail tried to paint Kylie in a bad light regarding Max. Did it work?

“It backfired as it enabled Kylie to reveal more about her past and show she is not one-dimensional.”

How does Kylie get David where she wants him?

“Eyelashes! The eyes! Smiles, kisses, hugging. David is easy to play.”

What does she think of Gail? Does she dislike her as much as Gail dislikes Kylie?

“She is playing a game with Gail. It is like a mother and daughter relationship, they get on, but there is a lot of hostility.”

Does Kylie realise that Gail likes to run her sons’ lives?

“She’s getting an idea that Gail can be very controlling.”

Does Kylie consider herself a match for Gail?

“Gail is not even on her radar, she just flicks her off and thinks ‘Whatever, I am going to do it anyway.’”

Does Kylie know that Gail is plotting to stop the wedding anyway she can?

“She finds out on the night of the hen do.”

What makes Gail give Kylie money for a wedding dress?

“Gail realises she has overstepped the mark and upset Kylie. It’s done out of guilt.”

What does Kylie think when Gail offers her £1k not to go through with the wedding?

“Kylie was offered £25,000 for Max and she still came back – a thousand pounds is nothing.”

On the wedding day, David is at the register office and Kylie isn’t. Where is Kylie?

“You will have to wait and see.”

Would you like to see Kylie and David as a married couple?

“Yes, it would be fun.”

Do you think they would make a good couple? Could they actually be ‘The One’ for each other?

“Yes. They get each other. As far as their relationship goes, they are happy and in wedded bliss.”

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