Corrie’s Richard Hawley: Johnny tells Robert he has to go – and Carla goes mad’

Johnny’s overhears Carla talking about her one-night stand with Robert and thinks it’s time he acted like her father – but that gets him in more trouble, Coronation Street’s Richard Hawley tells Soaplife.

Why does Johnny have a ‘friendly’ word with Robert when he promised Carla he wouldn’t?
“It’s a primitive response. Carla [Alison King] has a chance of happiness with a good man in Nick [Ben Price], but there’s potential for that to be ruined because he fears Robert is messing with his daughter.”

What does he say to Robert?
“Johnny tells Robert [Tristan Gemmill] he’s got to leave the bistro and get out of Weatherfield altogether.”

That’s hardly friendly! How does Robert react?
“He tells Johnny he won’t be telling anyone about his night with Carla, but Johnny says that’s not enough – he’s got to go.”

But Robert goes to Carla – who goes to Johnny…
“And she’s very cross, because she asked him not to say a word, but he’s gone against that. Johnny’s starting to see the Barlows as a bit of a nuisance. He’s weary of them and he wants them out of the way.”

Coronation Street, ITV.