Corrie’s Rosie: I couldn’t believe bedroom scripts

Coronation Street actress Helen Flanagan (Rosie Webster) says she couldn’t believe the scripts for her first bedroom scenes aged just 15.

She told the Sunday Mirror: “But when it came to filming the scenes I felt quite relaxed.

“I didn’t bring my mum with me that day and I didn’t watch the scenes with my parents when they were on television – that would have been embarrassing. But I thought it was a good storyline. It showed people can be responsible about under-aged sex.”

Helen, who’s now 16, has left school to concentrate full-time on acting. The Bolton girl says she can always return to her education.

“I left a couple of weeks ago after finishing my AS course,” she said. “I wanted to concentrate on Coronation Street. I want to be an actress and figured this is a really good opportunity.”

But being a teenager, there are restrictions on her ability to enjoy all the things that starring in Britain’s top soap can bring. Helen doesn’t drink, has only recently stopped needing a guardian on set and doesn’t yet have her own bank account.

“I’ve just bought a white Chloe Paddington bag and I’ve got my eye on some unbelievably gorgeous Christian Louboutin boots, which I’d love for my birthday, so I would not be able to be trusted with my own bank account. Seriously, I couldn’t.”

Helen is also aware of the offers her co-stars get to strip for lads’ mags and, for now, she’s staying well clear. But at 18 she’s going reassess her decision.

“I think it must be quite fun and I’d never say never, but I’d obviously want to know what my family thought first.”

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