Corrie’s Ryan: ‘Kenya changed me as a person’

Coronation Street’s Ryan Thomas says his recent trip to Kenya changed him for the better.

The ITV soap hunk, who plays builder Jason Grimshaw, travelled to the east African country with co-stars Brooke Vincent (Sophie Webster) and Sue Cleaver (Eileen Grimshaw) to help raise awareness about children suffering from HIV.

He told the Sun: “It has changed me as a person… We lead such privileged lives. I still like nice things, I like a flash car, but I don’t take them for granted.

“Now when I whinge about little things, I stop myself and say ‘Hang on a minute.'”

Ryan also revealed that during the trip – which features in Friday’s ITV1 documentary Corrie Goes To Kenya – he had to help kill a goat.

“There was a ritual where they wanted to feed us goat, so we had to kill one. I had to hold its legs while they slaughtered it. I was nearly being sick. I was totally traumatised – until we skinned and ate it.

“We put loads of garlic and lemon and herbs on it and threw it on the barbecue and it was pretty damn tasty! I realised that it was actually an honour for us to be given the goat by the tribe. This is their tradition and I respected that.”