Corrie’s Sally Ann Matthews: ‘The Jenny storyline is brilliant, it’s so leftfield’ (VIDEO)

Kevin may have fallen head over heels for Jenny, but little does he know, his girlfriend has a sinister secret… She’s planning to do a runner from the Street with Kevin’s young son, Jack!

“It was a shock for me! It wasn’t the way I anticipated Jenny’s return was going to be,” says Sally Ann Matthews, who returned to Coronation Street earlier this year after a 22-year break. “I think viewers expected Jenny to come back and there’d be conflict with Rita. She might try and screw her for some money and it would be history repeating itself. So this storyline had never entered into my head.

“The storyline is brilliant, it’s so leftfield. And what I love about it is there are so many theories about it at the moment. On Twitter there’ve been ‘I think she’s got Munchausen syndrome by proxy… that she’s lost a child… that she’s Maddie’s mum. So it’s kept everyone guessing!”

During a week of must-see Weatherfield action, viewers will finally discover the shock secret Jenny has been hiding all this time. But why is she wearing a strange wig and using a fake name? And will her twisted plan work, or is she about to be rumbled?

Sally Ann chats to us about all things Jenny Bradley, including the extreme reaction her character has had on Twitter and Facebook!

“There have been so many theories on Twitter about Jenny,” adds Sally Ann. “So it has kept people guessing and at least I know I am provoking a reaction, which is brilliant.”

Find out Jenny’s latest maverick move as Coronation Street continues all this week at 9pm on ITV.

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