Coronation Street’s Sally Dynevor tells Soaplife why Tim and Sally won’t be playing Mr and Mrs… but there will be a lot of drama!

How is Sally feeling after spending the night with Tim?

“She’s very excited and just over the moon with the relationship. The internet dating was a bit of a disaster so she’s just happy to have found someone.”

What attracts Sally to Tim?

“He’s good looking, has no other woman on the scene and I guess he’s a bit of a rogue, a bit of a charmer. He flirts with her and makes her feel very sexy.”

Is she getting ahead of herself?

“Definitely, she’s thinking wedding bells already. She’s already asking him if he wants a glass with his bottle of beer and trying to change him. She’s just been typical Sally from day one.”

How does he react when she asks him to go with her to Stella’s wedding?

“He’s a bit freaked by it. He says he’ll go, but doesn’t turn up, and this is the start of a pattern with Tim. He’s too weak to say no in the first place and then lets her down. She’s really upset when he stands her up. Sophie tells her she needs to get over Tim, but when he gives her a bunch of flowers, she’s well made up. She tells Sophie she’s going to go slowly this time and not jump in feet first but she does.”

Are you pleased she’s back on the dating scene?

“Oh, yes! I didn’t really want Sally to find someone at first, but I like this relationship because she’s not found ‘Mr Perfect’. With Tim, you know there’s no way they’re going to live happily ever after. They’re going to drive each other insane. I like the drama that has to offer.”

What do you make of Sally’s taste in men?

“She’s got terrible taste in men. To be fair to Sally they are all good looking but they’re not settling down material. She’s nearing 50 but still going for the wrong men. I’d like to see her settle down with someone eventually, but with someone completely inappropriate. Maybe someone like Roy Cropper, who she can boss about!”