Corrie’s Sally Dynevor: ‘Things in the script aren’t meant to be funny, but something happens on set with Joe’

Coronation Street’s Sally Dynevor tells TV Times why she wants Sally and Tim’s wedding to happen and talks about her new role as Weatherfield’s funny girl…

Snobby Sal’s fallen for a two-bit window cleaner to forego posh nosh in a fancy restaurant for fish and chips in front of the telly. But we always thought Sally and Kevin were destined to get back together…
“So did I. I thought Sally would go back to Kevin when Michael came back. So, whilst I was quite happy that Sally and Tim would be together for a short period, I thought Michael would return and that would be that.”

So you must have been surprised at Sally and Tim getting together?
“It may not have been love at first sight, but when Tim met Sally something special happened. Despite being a complete mismatch on paper, the pair have gone on to become one of Weatherfield’s best-loved partnerships, and this week they’re set to become Mr and Mrs Metcalfe.

“Or at least that’s what the Underworld supervisor and proud owner of Coronation Street’s only conservatory hopes.”

Sally turns up to the Bistro in her wedding dress, but Tim hasn’t forgiven her for kissing Kevin has he?
“She’s just determined that this wedding’s going to go ahead. She believes that Tim really loves her, even though he says he can’t forgive her and she’s got to leave him alone and stop stalking him!”

“She remembers that his favourite film is Field of Dreams, and the famous quote from that is: ‘If you build it, he will come.’ So, she thinks that if she builds it, he’ll be there.”
Is it important to you personally that they reunite?
“I just think Sally and Tim work really well together. They’re so different in so many ways, but there was something he said to her a few months ago, which was ‘I’d never cheat on you; I’d never walk out and leave you’ and I think Sally realises that he’s a really good man.

“He’s not got a lot of money and he’s not very bright, but he’s a good, solid man and I think that at this time in her life, that’s what she wants.”

What’s it like working with Joe Duttine?
“I really enjoy working with him. When I was told I was being put with him, I thought ‘I’m not sure that’s going to work’ because we hadn’t done anything before. But the moment we started working together, I knew we had something, because he makes me laugh so much. 

“Things come out of the script that aren’t supposed to be funny, and something just happens when I’m on set with him.”

Sally Webster has had a something of a reinvention in recent years, but it’s the character’s comedy lines that you’re now most renowned for, scooping the award for Best Comedy Performance at this year’s British Soap Awards…
“You’re absolutely right. Since Joe’s come in, I’ve had loads of funny stuff to do, and I’m really thankful to him for that. I really love being the daft character. Every time I have a scene with Joe, the crew get fed up because we don’t stop laughing. We’ve been known to have a tea break so we can calm down. The other week, I had to say this line which was something like ‘Oh, Tim, your sponge is as dry as a bone!’ and we couldn’t do it because we were laughing so much.”

You’re married to Emmerdale scriptwriter, Tim Dynevor – is he anything like Tim in Corrie?
“My Tim is nothing like the fictional Tim, although I suppose I’m the bossy one in the house!”

You’ve been happily married for so long, so do you have any advice for Corrie’s Sally and Tim?
“I think it is to do with what both couples do anyway, which is just have a laugh. To have fun, be able to talk about everything and laugh a lot.”

In February, you will have notched up a whopping 30 years on the Street. Did you think you’d be there that long?
‘”I think I signed for four episodes originally, then it went to six, then eight and gradually it went to a year. I remember being in the canteen and John Temple, the producer at the time, came down and said ‘You’ve got a year’s contract.’ I had some butties in my hand and I threw them up in the air; I was so pleased!

“I can’t believe that the time has gone so fast, but I do feel very lucky. I know for a fact that if I left Coronation Street, I wouldn’t be doing the amount of telly that I’m doing now, and I wouldn’t get those roles that I would really want. And it fits in with my life.  I’ve got three children and I like being at home, pottering about. I don’t know if I’d want to be travelling around.

“I love my job, I love being here and I’m just really grateful and happy!”

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