Corrie’s Sam: ‘Being a good dad is vital to Ches’

Coronation Street‘s Sam Aston tells Soaplife that Chesney wants to be the dad he never had – but reveals that he’s not going to find it easy

Ches and Katy have had their problems but theirs has been a sweet little love story, and when their baby’s born just before Christmas it’s a dream come true for Ches. “He never had a father figure and he wants his son to have someone to look up to, to have what he never had,” says Sam. “I think it’s going to be difficult, but Ches and Katy are determined to show the world they can do it…” And Soaplife is rooting for them!

Why on earth is Ches dressed as an elf on the day his baby’s born?!

“He and Gary try to make some money selling Christmas trees, but they get conned and when the trees all go bald they have to make more money to pay everyone back. The guy who sold them the trees offers them a job cutting down more trees and delivering them in elf outfits. He gets a call to say Katy’s gone into labour while they’re on the job.”

And where is Katy?

“She’s playing Mary in the Street’s Nativity play – and Chesney is supposed to be there to watch her. Instead, he’s stranded because their van breaks down and he starts panicking because it’s massively important to him to be there for the birth.”

Does he get there?

“Well, Gary comes up with the idea to nick a couple of bikes – he’s a bit more on the other side of the law than Chesney. He tempts Ches into doing it by saying: ‘Do you want to make it to the birth of your child or not?’ Then they speed off.”

How does Ches feel when he sees his son?

“He’s very emotional. It just hits him and he’s over the moon. He’s always wanted to be part of a family that’s strong and I think that’s why he’s started a family so young. He’s never really had a father figure so being a good dad is really important to him.”

Why do Ches and Katy call their son Joseph Peter?

“Joseph because he’s born at the Nativity play, and Peter because of Schmeichel [who was named after footballer Peter Schmeichel], which is a nice little tribute. Schmeichel was the only constant Ches had over the years…”

Ches and Katy are so young; can you see them staying together? Would you like to see them marry?

“They’ve had a kid so you’d like to think a wedding might follow at some point. As for staying together, they’re not bad kids and they’ve got good hearts, but in soapland you never know.”

Has working with a baby made you broody?

“No! I’m from a massive family. I’m one of nine and I’m an uncle to seven, soon to be nine, so I know what comes with babies and children.”

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