Coronation Street‘s Sam Aston reveals to Soaplife how young mum Katy does a runner after a life-or-death baby drama – and leaves Ches with Joseph!

Does Ches realise Katy’s struggling with motherhood?
“No. I don’t think he realises how much it’s getting to her because he’s not there most of the time, so he doesn’t see how hard it is for her. He’s not being mean, but he’s doing all the hours he can at the market trying to provide for them.”

Then he finds Katy left baby Joseph with teen Faye and there was a fire at the house…
“Faye put on some toast then went out to throw away a nappy and the door locked shut, then the toast caught fire. Owen and Anna broke in to save Joseph. Ches gets back from work and finds everyone at the house, Owen, Anna, Faye, Fiz, Katy…he’s shocked.”

Katy lets slip that she left Joseph home alone before and everyone’s horrified…
“Ches really starts to worry whether she can cope.”

But Owen decides neither of them can cope and takes Joseph!
“Ches and Katy have never asked for help, which might not have been the right thing to do because sometimes they need help. Ches wanted to prove he can look after his own child so when Owen takes Joseph he’s really angry. He won’t have someone taking his son and he chases after Owen.”

Does Owen give back the baby?
“Anna calms the situation and takes Joseph back to hers while everyone cools off. Chesney and Owen go back to the house because they’re worried about Katy, but they can’t find her. She’s left a note saying she can’t cope any more and she’s gone.”

Has she gone for good?
“In the letter it sounds to Chesney as if Katy is not coming back. He starts to crumble. He wants a full family unit as he came from a broken home and wants so much to stay together with Katy and Joseph.”

If she comes back, what would Ches do differently?
“Chesney realises now how hard things have been for Katy and that they can and should ask for help if they need it.”