Corrie’s Sam: ‘Ches warms to Katy’s surrogacy’

Coronation Street‘s Sam Aston reveals to Soaplife how Chesney feels now that Katy has told him she’s going to have a baby for Izzy…

When Katy suddenly dropped the bombshell that she’d have a baby for Izzy and Gary, it was the first Chesney had heard of it. And he’s not happy. “He’s worried about what Katy may have to go through as a surrogate mum,” says Sam. And, more worrying, whether she’d ever be able to hand over her baby…

So Chesney isn’t getting used to the idea of Katy being a surrogate mother?

“He’s very cautious and wants to make sure Katy’s making the right decision… He tells her she should have talked it over with him first. But he understands why she’s doing it – to help her sister when she needs it most. Izzy wants a baby more than anything else in the world.”

Owen’s totally against the plan. Does he influence Chesney?

“He and Ches have a talk and Owen voices his concerns. Owen sees it as Ches’s duty to help him talk Katy out of it. Their relationship has always been strained, but they seem to see eye-to-eye on this. Owen, however, goes in all guns blazing, while Ches just wants to be sure Katy’s aware of what she’s doing and the reasons why.”

Katy warns Chesney not to make her choose between him and her sister…

“And Ches realises Katy just wants to help Izzy in the same way he’s always supported Fiz and he starts warming to the idea. They’d both do anything for their families and Ches respects Katy as a person and the decisions she makes.”

But it won’t be like it was when she was expecting their baby…

“No because the baby won’t be theirs. Ches will look after Katy because he loves her, but he understands that Izzy and Gary will be much more involved in this pregnancy.”

Is Chesney confident Katy will be able to give up the new baby?

“Both Katy and Ches may grow attached. I think Ches may struggle with the birth as it would bring back memories of Joseph’s arrival. This may lead to problems with giving the baby to Izzy and Gary.”

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