Coronation Street star Sam Aston says Chesney will knock back a steamy advance from his ex Katy.

The 20-year-old actor tells TV Times magazine that although Chesney moves back in with Katy, he’s not willing to play happy families with her after she ran off with Ryan.

So, when Katy tries it on with him, Chesney resists her charms.

“Katy’s being very seductive, but Chesney doesn’t feel the same,” says Sam, who plays the young father. “When she goes upstairs, he can’t bring himself to follow her and ends up sleeping on the sofa.”

When Katy prepares a romantic meal for Chesney, he asks Fiz and Tyrone along without telling her.

“Katy feels annoyed, and when she later finds out that Chesney asked them to come, she realises he doesn’t want to be alone with her and accuses him of wanting to be with Sinead instead,” says Sam.