Corrie’s Sam on Chesney’s choice

Sam Aston reveals to Soaplife that Chesney’s torn between ex love Katy and new love Sinead in Coronation Street

How is Chesney dealing with all this confusion over Katy and Sinead?
“He’s finding it really difficult. He likes Sinead because she’s so lovely, kind and understanding and they really get on. But there will always be a certain bond with Katy because of Joseph. He’s torn.”

So Chesney has genuine feelings for Sinead… He’s not just using her to make Katy jealous?
“Definitely not. Chesney really clicked with Sinead and he probably gets on better with her than he does with Katy. I don’t think Chesney has it in him to use someone just to get back at Katy.”

Then Sinead gives Chesney an ultimatum…
“When Sinead says she understands if Chesney wants to get back with Katy, he doesn’t know what to do. He has a heart-
to-heart with Tyrone and admits the most important thing in his life is Joseph. At that point he knows what he has to do and he finishes with Sinead.”

So he chooses Katy for Joseph’s sake?
“Having a mum and dad living together for Joseph means so much to Chesney because he never had that growing up. Katy’s thrilled they’re back together, but Chesney’s just happy to have his son back.”

So what happens when Katy and Joseph move back in?
“It’s not good. Katy’s very seductive and tells Chesney how much she’s missed him, but Chesney just doesn’t feel the same. When she goes upstairs, he can’t bring himself to follow her…”

Would Chesney be happier with Katy if Sinead wasn’t in the background?
“I guess it does change things having Sinead around because it makes Chesney even more aware of the problems he has with Katy. One second, Katy’s happy to have him back and the next she’s arguing with him. Chesney had a much more fun relationship with Sinead.”

So will he end up dumping Katy for Sinead?
“All I’m saying is that the foreseeable future looks quite bright for Chesney… but that could change.”