Samia Smith has said she hopes she doesn’t cause any offence with her upcoming sex assault storyline on Coronation Street.

The actress plays single mum Maria Connor, who is subjected to a violent sex attack by newcomer Frank Foster, played by The Bill’s Andrew Lancel.

“A few years ago my first kind of hard-hitting storyline was when Maria had the stillborn baby and it sort of makes you really hyper-aware that other people have been through it, so you kind of want to do it justice,” Samia said.

“It’s the same with this one really. Sexual assault is a very serious issue, so I want to do it justice and hopefully not offend people who have been sexually assaulted.”

The 28-year-old, who is currently supporting the Home Heat Helpline’s winter campaign to help low-income households save money on energy bills, admitted the scenes were also tough to film for Andrew.

“I think he’s obviously really enjoying the challenge of it but it’s also a bit tricky coming in and playing an instant baddie,” she added.

“They are long hours, they’re 12 hour days that we do so it’s tiring but it’s sort of exhilarating as well because you’re getting your script and when you’ve done it, hopefully you’re going to be proud of what you’ve done.

“It’s a really important storyline as well. I think it’s nice to tackle hard-hitting topics.”