Corrie’s Sean Ward reveals: ‘David loses it in court!’

Coronation Street’s Callum is delighted when his lawyer rips David’s reputation to shreds during their custody battle for Max. Sean Ward tells Soaplife it’s all thanks to David’s niece, Bethany, telling tales…

How does Callum’s lawyer know so much about David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) and his dark past?
“Callum’s been grooming Bethany (Lucy Fallon). He’s worked his magic and manipulated her to the point where she hasn’t even realised how much she’s said. She’s told him about all the terrible stuff David’s done in the past – the ecstasy in the teddy bear, trying to kill his brother, pushing his mum down the stairs…”

No! How does David react in court?
“He really loses his temper. It’s blind panic. He realises he really could be in danger of losing Max. David’s so wound up he comes over worse than Callum. Although the judge says it wouldn’t be ideal to remove Max from his family home full time, Callum’s happy when more reports are ordered to assess the situation further.”

Is Callum really prepared to take care of Max?
“He’d have to sort his flat out – it’s not exactly child friendly. He’d have to pull himself together and change his lifestyle  – and whether he would or not is another story.”

And Sarah?
“Callum irritates Sarah (Tina O’Brien) because she feels she can’t say anything without him wondering how he can use it to get what he wants. Sometimes she just wants him to focus on her.”

We know Kylie’s coming back. Then what?
“He has some feelings for Sarah but if Kylie (Paula Lane) returns, he’ll forget Sarah and pursue Kylie. She’s the only woman he’s ever cared really about. Callum also knows it would wind David up a treat if he went after Kylie. But whatever happens, Callum will keep an eye on Max – he’s got a sense of responsibility for his son now.”

Coronation Street, ITV.

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