Corrie’s Shayne Ward: Aidan Connor ‘fits me like a glove’ (VIDEO)

Shayne Ward was reflecting on his first nine months on Corrie and admitted he’d been lucky – ‘Aidan Connor fits me like a glove’.

Shayne spoke to What’s on TV at the British Soap Awards about his TV debut, and said: “It’s the best character I could ever have been given. You know, Aidan Connor just fits  me like a glove. The public so far are really enjoying my character, so I can’t really complain.”

Crucially, the Connor family had blended into Corrie and look like a family. “No matter what happens in soapland, the bottom line is it’s believeable. It looks natural, there’s nothing forced about it… Everything works, so we’re quite happy with it.”

Former X Factor winner Shayne said he’d learnt so much as an actor. “Oh yeah, so much, and still learning. I’m watching, sometimes I stare at them without them knowing and they’re like ‘Who is this psycho staring?’ I’m just trying to absorb when I’m not on camera, how to hold myself… To be honest, just being as natural as possible.”

Watch the interview with Shayne Ward, above.

The British Soap Awards screen at 8pm on ITV on Sunday, May 29


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