Corrie’s Shobna on Sunita’s shock proposal

Coronation Street‘s Shobna Gulati explains to Soaplife why Sunita suddenly wants to get married… To Karl, her already-married lover? No! To Dev, the man she walked out on!

Why does Sunita go back to Dev?

“Because Karl doesn’t want her. Yes, she got bored with Dev and the way he treated her, but maybe she can see now that the grass isn’t greener. She’s had her heart broken and now she needs some security.”

But before she goes home, she tells Karl she’ll tell Stella everything…

“Yes, she turns slightly psycho on him. She can’t understand why he doesn’t want to be with her. She’s done everything she thought he wanted and now he’s rejecting her she doesn’t understand why. She’s obviously fallen for him in a big way.”

So why does she propose to Dev?

“He’s wanted to marry her for ages and she’s doing what it takes to save their relationship.”

Does she do it to get at Karl, too?

“The funny thing is that Dev announces their engagement in the pub and instead of making her feel brilliant and vengeful she feels awkward around Karl. She’s obviously not over him… And is he over her?”

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